Monday, June 14, 2010

Be a Kid Again

On Saturday, two of my best girlfriends from college and I met up at the zoo, along with our daughters. We had such a wonderful time!

The great thing about having children is that it gives us a chance to just be a kid again.

We rode the carousel. Magical!

We rode the train. Not as magical, but only because it was too slow to work up a breeze, and the day was sooo hot!

The best part was watching our daughters enjoy themselves together.

Oh, and the giraffe. Trying to get water from a stream. Too funny, poor thing!

It was a marvelous day. We're going to have to start having fun reunions more often!

Tonight I let myself be a kid again for a moment, and splurge on ice cream for dessert after dinner. Fun! And very good for my happiness level! What makes you feel like a kid again?

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