Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick and Yummy Summer Simmer

I'm not a great cook.

My husband? He's a great cook. But me, I'm more of a baker. I like exact recipes with measuring cups and teaspoons, and, you know, predictable results.

But, I'm slowly figuring out a repertoire of yummy, easy, and healthy dinners that my family enjoys.

Here's one that we just love. (Warning, what my family loves may be very different from what your family enjoys! One of my daughter's first words was "tofood" for tofu, and we eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. But I think anyone would enjoy this one!)

I'm calling it a "quick and yummy summer simmer", but it's really just chickpea masala over rice.

Anyway, here are the ingredients:

Jasmine rice
Canned Chickpeas
Tikki Masala Sauce
1 fresh sliced tomato
a few sprigs of cilantro
some fresh leafy greens (we usually use spinach)

And the instructions:
Rinse and drain the canned chickpeas. Then put them in a large and deep skillet or wok.
Pour masala sauce over chickpeas.
Add 1 fresh sliced tomato to the sauce, and let the sauce simmer on low for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, steam your rice (My favorite way is in the microwave using a casserole dish with a heavy plate on top as the lid, just add at least 1/2 cup more water than the recipe asks for)

Then, when your rice is done, use the leafy greens as a base, spoon some cooked hot rice on top (this will wilt the greens a little, yum!), pour your chickpea masala simmer on top, and sprinkle on a few cilantro leaves.

I like to eat this with a side of fresh fruit like mangoes or berries.

Yum! In 20 minutes, you've got a tasty meal that looks just beautiful, too.

What's your favorite quick meal to make at home?

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