Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do One Thing Right

Some days are just wacky.

Today was my afternoon off, when I usually like to do something fun and special with Flanna. But I had work to do. And she had a doctor's appointment. And it rained on and off all afternoon. And we had to run to Target. Twice (because I forgot to buy batteries). And then suddenly, it was 6:00, and we had yet to do anything very fun or special.

So, we broke out the Lite Brite. And shared a sweet quiet moment on the floor creating color and light together. And made a gorgeous ice cream cone picture, if I do say so myself. And then, we ate dinner (my sweet hubby made bruschetta) by the light of the Lite Brite. Which was pretty special. And pretty fun.

Thank goodness.

Sometimes I think if I can just do one thing right, or have one thing the way I want it to be, on a given day, then the rest of the wacky day is bearable.

What's one thing that you did right today?

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