Monday, June 28, 2010

Learn Something New

A few days ago, my husband found a caterpillar eating some of our basil outside. We brought it inside and kept it in a jar for a few days, and then, just when I was trying to decide whether to keep it so Flanna could watch it become a butterfly or moth, my husband brought home a butterfly habitat tent. So, we're keeping this cool little guy until he's ready to fly.

My hubby has been reading up on how to take care of it. And the caterpillar is thriving under his care. (It had sort of been eeking out a meager living in my care.) I'm so glad Robi decided to learn something new and create the perfect sanctuary for our new little caterpillar friend. The funny thing so far has been that this caterpillar can EAT! He's munching through the leaves Robi gives him like there's no tomorrow. I guess "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" isn't an exaggeration!

I'll try to get some good pics of the little guy tomorrow. Or girl? I'm not sure how it works for caterpillars.

What are you learning this summer?


  1. That's so funny!!! I need to learn something new..I've just been trying to read lots of books this summer ( I like fiction that has some romance in it...)

  2. I love fiction, too! So relaxing to sit and read in the summer!

  3. I read this book to some friends' kids just the other day.:)

    Was your caterpillar green and turn into a white butterfly?

    A farmer warned me about such creatures when I asked what could be eating our basil.

    Not to knock your pet, I'm sure he's a lovely pet. But if it's this variety, not good for the plants.

    Having said that, I wonder if you even have the same pests in your gardens as we do out here.

  4. Yes, he was greenish brown. And he hasn't turned into a butterfly yet, but he seems to be making his cocoon underground, which leads us to believe he's a moth. Perhaps we'll have to release him somewhere far away from our basil! But then I don't want him to starve. So, hmm, I'll have to find a good compromise.