Friday, June 11, 2010


We're visiting family down South this weekend. Fun! And exhausting (the traveling, not the people!)! Here are some of the highlights. Flannery with her great grandmother "Mema." I love how they're looking at each other with complete adoration.
Happy Cousins
Flanna with my dad. I just love how he looks shocked that I'm taking a picture.
My parents with their grandkids after eating yummy mexican food at one of our old family favorite restaurants. A wonderful blast from the past! This is after we drove by the courthouse clock that my dad worked on (he's in construction) way back when, pointing it out as a happy monumental link to this old home town.

And tomorrow, if the weather cooperates....the zoo! I have so many special memories of going there with my family as a child. Can't wait to see what's changed and whether anything remains the same.

What places hold special meaning in your life? Are there certain places that make you feel like a kid again and also very very old at the same time? That's what visiting the town I grew up in does to me.

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