Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quiet Moments in History

We had a wonderful snow day! We played in the snow, made snow ice cream, borrowed our neighbor's sled and let Flannery go sledding, made snowy art projects, and just generally had fun! I was able to be in the moment and just enjoy the day many times, and one time in particular really stood out for me.

We had just been on a walk down the street and back. Hardly anyone else was out on our whole street, so it was very quiet out. The wind was blowing a little bit, and it was sleeting faintly. Someone's wind chimes were twinkling. I walked across the street to get a picture of our house all snow-covered, as Robi carried Flannery inside to get warmed up. I just stood there looking at the house and my sweet family, listening to those gentle wind chimes. Just a beautiful quiet moment.

I hope I'll remember this snowy day, and that peaceful moment, when I'm old standing on some other quiet street.

What memories do you call on to bring you peace in quiet moments?

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