Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learn Something New

Learning new things makes me happy.

The most fulfilling time of my career was when I was on an interdisciplinary team for early intervention in Athens, GA, for about 4 years. My team met weekly to discuss the families we served, to problem-solve about certain kiddos, and to reflect on our job performance and how we could improve. I learned SO much during those years, and I think the learning component of the job was what made me so happy in it. I find that if I’m not feeling challenged to grow constantly in my job or pretty much in any area of my life, I’m not as happy as I’d like to be.

Right now at my job, I’m most enjoying the bilingual Spanish preschool language group I co-teach each week here in Durham. And the occasional Spanish evaluations I do when they come up, as well. I think it’s the challenge that makes me happy to be doing these parts of my job. It’s funny to think that challenge can make me happy, but I really think it’s true.

On weeks I keep my happiness resolution to “Learn Something: Read in Spanish at least 15 minutes 5 times per week,” it definitely boosts my happiness. It makes me feel like I’m in control of my life, like I’m doing something that I want to do that makes me a better person. And on weeks I don’t keep my resolution, I'm just not as happy.

This is one of those weeks that I’m not keeping any of my happiness resolutions very well. But I have a sick kiddo at home, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack.

And I’m actually learning a lot while taking care of a croup-y toddler.

Like, how chicken noodle soup is completely unappealing to a 3 year old unless it has Shrek-shaped noodles.

Or, how popsicles can lose their appeal, but Sprite never does.

Or, how if I put the words, “The DOCTOR says that _____” before something, my preschooler takes it much more seriously than if just “Mom says so.”

Or, how mommy loses her temper much more easily after day 4 of co-sleeping with a restless daughter.

See how much I’m learning?

And even in my short-tempered, exhausted, still-in-my-PJs-at-2 p.m. state, that makes me happy.

How’s it going with the keeping of your new year’s resolutions? Any successes to repor

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