Friday, January 29, 2010

I Only Know Three Snow Songs

It snowed!

It's beautiful!

Hooray for winter!

I'm in such a snowy mood! While Flanna was taking her evening bath, we tried to sing snow-themed songs to go with the mood of the night. She loves to learn little songs that are related to what we're doing, and will sing them over and over until she's got them just right. Its so cute. So, I really wanted to come up with a fun snow song to teach her.

But, really? Can I really only think of THREE snow songs? Surely there are more.

But, no, I've only got 3. Here they are:

Let it Snow
Frosty the Snowman
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Seriously. That's my list.

I fail at theme stuff. This is why it's good I'm not a preschool teacher.

So, help! Snow songs a kid will love? I need ideas!

By the way, we took Flannery out in the dark of the night to see the snow falling (see pics above)! It was fa-reezing! But there's nothing like catching a snowflake on your tongue to spark some happiness!

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