Saturday, January 2, 2010

Be a Storehouse of Happy Memories

Sometimes I get more happiness out of reminiscing about moments than actually experiencing the moment.

I just ordered some photo flip books chronicling our Christmas experience for my daughter and my niece. (Have I mentioned my unhealthy addiction to Snapfish?) I REALLY enjoyed looking back through all of our photos of our celebrations! Is it strange that I enjoy remembering the moments more than actually experiencing the moments?

Take Christmas eve. We were staying at my sister's house, so we let my daughter and niece have a sleepover in the same room for Xmas eve (actually, in a huge princess tent with matching sleeping bags, but you get the idea). The girls wore matching pajamas, set out cookies and milk for Santa, and then giggled and talked when they should've been getting to sleep. A-dor-a-ble, huh?

Strange thing is, though, all this adorability was kind of lost on me. I was busy trying to remember where we'd hidden all the gifts, trying to count to make sure everything was going to be even gift-wise in the morning, willing my child to fall asleep before 3 a.m. in her crazy overexcited state, and trying to hop myself up on enough cough medicine that I might possibly sleep as well (did I mention I've had some upper respiratory funk for about 2 weeks now?!).

Anyway, I'm SO glad I looked back at those cute pictures. And I really can't wait to recount the holiday fun with my daughter when my Snapfish photo book arrives! I'm trying to be a storehouse of happy family memories, and it's already making me happier. Fingers crossed that it makes the family happier as a whole, too.

In any case, at least some CEO at Snapfish is getting happy watching profits pour in thanks to me! Ah, the many ways I spread joy. Maybe next year I'll miraculously be able to be in the moment more, so that I can enjoy the fun times while they're actually happening. Here's to growth!

What happy memories do you enjoy reflecting on from your own holiday?


  1. I love that we have friends from all walks and seasons of our lives that can all get together, get along, and have fun. We talk about past, present, and future adventures, play games, sing, eat, or just hang out. But regardless, every time we're together we add memories to our head/heart collection.

    In "Hugs for Friends, Book 2," the author talks about how God sends us the friends we need right when we need them to hold us together, listen to our complaints, share our praises, encourage and strenghten us when we want to give up, etc. The author goes on to say, "Every time a friend rescues us at just the right time, another memory is made. Celebrate those memories often. Lift those diamond-bright moments to the light and be thankful for the pressures that brought them into existence. Above all, don't forget to thank God. He was the one who knew exactly the right time to send you a friend."

  2. Cool thought, Jess, thanks!