Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take Time Off for Field Trips

I missed a field trip this school year.

One field trip.  Out of the three field trips Flanna's class has been on so far.

So, those stats aren't bad, right?  For 66% of field trips, I was present and accounted for.

But then Flanna's teacher sent out photos from her field trip to the airport.  The field trip I just couldn't make.  And poor Flanna looked so distraught that I thought I might have to just quit my job right then and there and move in with my parents and become a homeschooling unschooling never missing anything in my child's life ever again type of mama.  (By the way, save the moving back in with family part, that's my ultimate secret dream, so please don't think I'm making fun of homeschooling unschooling mamas.)

Breaks my heart into a billion pieces.  

But then I took a deep breath.  And told myself the lessons I am teaching Flannery about how women can be super strong AND nurturing.  And remembered how much I love my job and am passionate about what I do, and how it brings me such joy to do what I get to do each day, plus getting paid for it!  And the crazy thoughts subsided.

And then I immediately requested off for the next 2 field trips of the school year.  Because I will never, ever, ever miss another field trip again, ever.

(By the way, here's a cute photo of Flanna on the next field trip--the one to the puppet theater, where I was happily in attendance.  And just look at that smile!  Thank goodness preschoolers don't  hold a grudge!)

What mommy guilt pulls at you the most?  

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