Friday, May 25, 2012

Take Time to Wander

on the ferry-boat
Last weekend, my wonderful colleagues and I delivered a language and literacy training to 125 teachers in Savannah.  It was great fun!

And the best part was that I got to bring Flannery and Robi with me for a little getaway.  My colleagues brought their families, too, and it was nice to get to see all of them in their family roles!  I had to work on Saturday, so Robi and Flanna spent the day swimming and sight-seeing, but then I got to join them for some meandering along the Savannah riverfront on Sunday.  It was so nice to just wander around looking at beautiful and interesting things.  We took the ferry across the river (a free boat trip, nice!) a few times, had lunch, watched candy being made, looked at cool sailboats, and just generally took in the city for a bit.

Flanna liked the cobblestones and the statues all around the riverfront (the waving girl statue was pretty neat), and we even let her spend some of her Easter money and buy a souvenir.  She got a cute little white tiger in the market by the river.  You know, because that will always remind her of Savannah. :)  But she loves it, so it was perfect.   It's funny, but the things I liked best about the trip were times when we were sitting waiting in line for a restroom listening to a street musician, and sitting on the dock together waiting for the ferry boat to arrive, and looking at the handmade carvings and baskets at the market, and walking through the park looking at the amazing twisted branches of the live oaks.  All those experiences weren't planned ahead, and were just by-products of wandering around a bit, but they were so peaceful and sweet.

So, take time to wander now and then.  You just might find the perfect unexpected white tiger if you do.

dinner on Tybee Island

Flanna just loves little Memphis!

a family photo! on Tybee

me with my brilliant colleagues!

view at dinner on Tybee 

Our hotel had an indoor pool!

Aren't their noses adorable?  Yes, I'm jealous.  

on the ferry 

What's your favorite quick getaway?

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