Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Funny Flanna Quotes

Heading home from school in the afternoon:  "Mom, I'm sweating hot.  Can I be naked?"

After I've told her we need to make cards for her teachers for teacher appreciation week:
"I think we should make them boring and grown-up-ish, because they're for grown-ups."

At dinner (having baked chicken, rice, mango, and salad) -- "Mom, let's pretend this is all Hawaiian food. Like, pineapple.  Because I'm a Hawaiian princess who's going to become a good pirate, and you're my royal mother who doesn't know that your mom was really a mermaid."

"Can I start kindergarten next week?  Cause I don't want to wait until next year."

After we tried to explain the different sides of our family:  "I'm on your side, and on daddy's side, but once I get married, I'll just be on your side."  I don't think our message was quite clear enough.

What made you laugh today?

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  1. Those are great Flanna quotes! What a neat kid!