Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Power of Good Teachers!

Saying Goodbye to PreK!
Flannery's last day of PreK was yesterday!  She was so sad to say goodbye to her sweet teachers and to so many wonderful friends!    I took the day off to be with her class.  We went to a musical performance, had a picnic at the park, and watched a movie--it was a nice, peaceful end to a great school year.

And really, it was such a great school year!  I've felt so many times throughout this year that Flannery's teachers have been a true blessing from God for our family.  They were able to challenge her and teach her new things without a power struggle and without having to force it.  They worked with her natural curiosity and what sparked her interest.  They suggested new activities and let her choose when to try new things.  They read interesting stories each week and based learning activities around the book themes, which made them exciting for Flanna.   Flanna's lead teacher had been trained by some of my colleagues at the Speech School years before, and this year, they even used the curriculum that I train teachers on--so I was familiar with the stories and units and could talk with Flanna about it without a lot of studying up on my part.  Flanna went from being a kid who never wanted to go to school (last year) to being a kiddo who looked forward to what they might do and create each day.  This is the power of good teachers!   It was such a blessing, and they didn't even realize what a gift they were!  It was just natural for them.

I can only pray that we continue to be so lucky in the coming years!

Playing "Who's the judge?" in her classroom

Dancing at the Opus One Concert

A class picnic!

Goodbye, Pre-K!

Flanna and her wonderful teacher (a photo from earlier in the school year)

And now,  we're off to pick some blackberries--yum!

What teacher did you love best as a child?

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