Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Eye to Eye with the Itty Bitties

Many times when I'm coaching parents, teachers, or colleagues about how to help kiddos with speech and language, I start by giving them this advice:  "Get eye to eye with the child first."

And it's funny, but I just can't help myself from getting down on the floor with kiddos, getting "eye to eye" with them, no matter where I am.  Kids are just so interesting and cool.  I love to see what they're drawn to, what sparks their interest.  Especially my dear friends' children.  It's so neat to see glimmers of their parents' mannerisms in each of them, and to try to picture them all grown up one day.

Here are two of the cute itty bitties I got eye-to-eye with this weekend at the wedding reception.  Such fun!  And now I am really getting the baby itch!  Yikes!

I think it is innate that little boys must search for the largest,
deadliest sticks whenever they are in nature.  
and they must wave them around as if they are swords.  :) 

watching an airplane that was very tiny in the sky

What were you drawn to as a child?  I remember always loving animals and drawing.  I was going to be a great artist one day, hah! 

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