Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friends are a True Comfort

If you haven't noticed, I have been pretty absent on the blogga-blog lately!  I have had so many posts in my head that I've wanted to write---and just too little time to sit down on my own and write them!  But when I don't blog for a while--I have to say, I get grumpy!  I think blogging is like journaling for me, organizing my thoughts and making sense of the moments that make up my little slice of life.  It's good for me, and makes me reflect and take time to appreciate what I've been given.

And one of the main things I appreciate about my life is the wonderful friends I have.  I got to see one of my BFFs, Rachel, last week at dinner, and it was just so rejuvenating and calming to be with her and her sweet family.  Her kiddos have some of her mannerisms, and I just loved getting to see their cute spark and wit already emerging!   It made me so happy to just sit with my good friend who I've known since I was five and talk about our crazy busy beautiful messy lives.  There is something about being with folks who have known me and loved me through thick and thin and in-between that makes me feel comforted and at home.  It's a really lovely thing.  

Roane cracking up at peekaboo  :)

Rachel and Zack

Finn, Roane, & Flanna being adorable

Oh, and then, I had just written this post, when we received a package from my West Coast BFF, Kelley!  She sent Flanna a gift from her recent European vacation (ooh la la!)-- a sweet little gilded-edged copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Flanna can't wait to read it!  Her note (although written to Flannery) was like a shot of comfort in my forearm--such thoughtful kindness to my little one!  And Flanna felt so special.  

Sigh.  Friends are really the best.

Which of your friends bring you a happiness boost each time you see them or hear from them?  

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  1. Yeay, I win! I don't know whom I beat, but sick it, those people!