Saturday, May 26, 2012

Take More Walks

balancing on the curb
My best and worst of yesterday:

BEST:  taking a walk after dinner with my sweet kiddo

WORST:  trying to clean up while said kiddo takes everything she owns out of her closet and strews it around the house

I'm going to focus on the positive, so here are some photos of our sweet walk.  I just love how 5 year olds can't simply walk somewhere--they have to be avoiding cracks, not stepping on lines, balancing on curbs, closing their eyes while they walk, crossing their eyes as they walk, looking only up at the sky while they walk, skipping, riding on your back, walking backwards....I'm sure the list could go on!  :)    When do we lose that "fun instinct"?

In any case, walks are my super favorite thing these days!

We stop to smell the hydrangeas.  
our neighbors down the street have green thumbs

beautiful, no? Not sure what it is?

Flanna loves these "caterpillar plants."  :)  It's just a weed, but it IS really cool. 

How can you work a walk into your routine more often?  I can't wait for next school year when I'm hoping to walk Flanna to and from school each day! 

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