Sunday, May 6, 2012

Find Some Local Fun

I finally got a membership to Fernbank since it's only 10 minutes away from us.  Flanna loves their nature playground room--I think we spent over 2 hours in there on our last visit.  There are so many neat things to do and see in there--a big hollow tree to climb up, pretend caves to explore--and when you shine a flashlight on the plastic bats--they squeal!, a pretend waterfall made of mist, an area to dig for fossils, a coral reef with magnetic barnacles and sea creatures that you can put on and off of the pretend pier, and even cool pretend rivers made of lights with fish shadows that swim away when you step into that area.  I have no idea how the designers made all these amazing little interactive areas, but Flannery really enjoys them.  We can't wait until summer when hopefully we'll have more time to enjoy ourselves there.

this pulley allowed kids to transfer balls from the floor up to a bridge,
then push them down through a ball maze below

The balls came out down here

Flanna shifting the ball maze around

Flanna loved pretending to be a raccoon and hiding in the holes in this huge hollow tree

What local place do you enjoy most?

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