Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take a Mini Vacation

Because our friends were getting married near Athens last weekend, Robi and I decided to take a mini vacation (thank you thank you to my sister who kept Flanna for the weekend!) and stay overnight at the Ashford Manor, a little bed and breakfast in Watkinsville, the night of the wedding.  I had no idea it would be such a luxurious place!  We felt so spoiled!   Here are some of the highlights of our swanky digs!

I loved the map over the bed.  We stayed in the "Safari Room," decorated
with eclectic decor from the B&B owners' travels.  

Ah, Jittery Joes, how I love thee!

They even had a dog bed in our pet-friendly room!
Padme was so happy to come with us on a trip!

Robi checking us in
We had our own private porch and patio--so lovely!

How cool is it that there was an Orthodox icon hanging in our room?
Our self-timer photo from too far away, but what a cool gazebo!
We woke up to this!  

And this!

And this!  (see Padme ready to chase a squirrel?)

Padme ran and ran out here on her morning walk--such fun!

What mini (or large) vacation has rejuvenated you lately?


  1. Thanks for the tour. I think me and Chucky should definitely do this some time :)