Sunday, October 24, 2010

Magical Moments

I just realized that I haven't posted about Flannery's flower girl experience! I've been meaning to, but our focus so quickly turned toward camping after we got back from the wedding that I forgot!

So...where should I begin?

I think I'll just describe a few moments that epitomize the perfection of the day. (It really was a perfect day!)

When Flannery and I stopped in the bride's parlor to let the bride know we were there, Leslie was already in her veil. Flannery's eyes widened. Her little fingers just had to touch the pearls that edged the bottom of the veil. As Leslie bent down to say hello, Flannery looked at her as if she were some magical creature, and delicately slid her fingers over one of the pearls on her veil. I didn't get a picture. But that was just a moment to remember!

After the wedding, during the photography session, the two flower girls and the ring bearer scooped all the flower petals they had previously scattered down the aisle back up into their baskets and proceeded to scatter them fifteen or twenty more times just for fun.

During the bride & groom's first dance at the reception, Flannery stared at the two of them dancing and danced and twirled at the edge of the dance floor as if it were her out there. Her dad, who had to stand in his designated spot as a groomsman during the dance, said that in that moment, seeing her dancing so sweetly brought tears to his eyes and he had to look away to compose himself.

What an honor to get to be a part of such a special day. I tried to be in the moment several times--not to just let myself get caught up in being the busy mom of a 3 year old, but to really participate in the sacrament of the wedding. And I really think that made me enjoy the wedding at a deeper level.

We pray that God will grant Leslie and Christopher many, many years of love and happiness together!

What moment of your day was magical today? Did you let yourself slow down and take it in?

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