Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Experience Nature

We had a wonderful camping trip last weekend. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating to be outdoors all weekend. We hiked to see 4 different waterfalls, which was a little way for me to share a family tradition with Flannery. Growing up, my family used to enjoy going on "waterfall hunts" in the North Georgia Mountains each fall when we were traveling for clogging conventions.

(This is the part where you say, "What? You were a clogger?" and picture me all dolled up with a crinoline, an apron, and a cowboy hat dancing on a mountain stage in a small town fair. And this is also the part where I change the subject quickly and hope my mom has burned any pictures of my skinny preteen knobby-kneed legs kicking up a "turkey step" beneath a purple gingham fluffy skirt.)

Annnyway. Back to the waterfalls.

They were beautiful. And kind of magical.

And despite the fact that I felt kind of sick the whole weekend (with a cough and cold kind of thing), and that the weather got pretty darn freezing on the first night, and that Flannery wanted to sleep with me, but didn't want covers (meanwhile, her sick mama's teeth were chattering!) all night, the camping trip was really marvelous. I wish we could spend more days outside in nature all day long. It's just so rejuvenating.

What activity rejuvenates you?


  1. Ok...so, hilarious about clogging, even though I already knew that and saw it first hand. But if you didn't sleep with covers on when you were sick and it was freezing EVEN THOUGH your daughter didn't want to sleep with them, I'm going to report you to DBAY. That's right, the Department of Being Abusive to YOU. DFACS has nothing on DBAY. STAY WARM!

  2. I know! But I had to choose cold sleep or no sleep, so I chose cold sleep. The things we do as moms are kinda crazy, I know!! :)