Saturday, October 23, 2010

Share and Create Family Traditions

It really makes me happy to participate in little family traditions, and to pass them down to Flannery.

Today, Flanna and I carved our little pumpkin. Last year, she was too grossed out by the pumpkin smell to help me scoop out the seeds, but this year, she was much more brave. She used her bare hands to get the seeds and flesh out of the pumpkin. She did make a face at the "ickiness" of it, but I was proud of her for being willing to get yucky!

She drew the face onto the pumpkin, and then I cut it out. At first, I thought she had given the pumpkin four eyes, but then she explained that she had given our jack-o-lantern "cheeks." It really turned out cute! And I loved how creative she was with the scary mouth she drew!

We even roasted the seeds from the pumpkin in the oven. Last year, I remember they turned out chewy, so I roasted them longer this year, and this time, they turned out too crispy. Oh, well, maybe next year will be perfect. We ate them anyway!

We had painted masks in the morning, so Flanna wanted to wear her colorful stegasaurus mask for the picture. My little artist!

What family traditions do you want to pass down to future generations?


  1. You are my role model. What a lucky girl Flanna is to have you for a mom.

  2. That's super sweet of you to say, Heather! Hope your 3 playdates today were great! :)

  3. From our local childrens' museum. They had a super sidewalk sale where clearance stuff from their gift shop was an extra 75% off, and we got a lion and a stegasaurus mask to paint. Neat stuff!