Thursday, October 7, 2010

Create Goals for Yourself (& Flanna's Wishlist)

I think I need to update my happiness resolutions. My life has changed pretty dramatically since May when I last reevaluated my progress on these goals. Here's the update:


1. Learn Something: Read in Spanish at least 15 minutes 5 times per week. - I have 3 spanish speaking clients each week, so I speak and listen in Spanish 3 times per week. But I really do need to improve my vocabulary and my (nonexistent) use of past tense in Spanish, so I think I can get back to this goal soon. Maybe on our long drive tomorrow, I can get some reading in. (We're driving to Jawjah for a wedding...yay!!!)

2. Be social: Start a girls’ night by June. - Um, I had one girls' night. It was super fun. But then it hasn't happened since. I do have regular contact with wonderful women one on one, though, so maybe that makes up for it? No, I should totally work on this one again. Girls' nights just make me happy.

3. Really listen: Interview at least 5 past clients about happiness amidst struggles. - I interviewed one! Not a giant leap, but at least progress. (I'll post the interview soon, I promise!)

4. Cut the chaos: Tidy up the house for 10 minutes each night, every night. - Cough. Stammer. Clearing of the throat. I think I forgot this was a happiness goal. But I promise I'll do better. It really does make me happy to have a neat and tidy home.

5. Exercise: Dance with Flannery on Mon, Wed, Fri afternoons. - this was going so well until I started working full time. Maybe I need to change it to walking to pick Flannery up, since I pick her up from school each day. I'll think about that one.

6. Eat Well: Bring a lunch on Tues/Thurs. - Finally, I can say a goal is met. I have brought my lunch every single day since I started my new job. And most days, I bring healthy leftovers from the dinner we had the night before. So, yay!

So, overall, I think I'm making good progress. Good thing I have a few more months left in my Happiness Project year!

Oh, and I just have to share Flannery's birthday list (her birthday's about a month away). It sort of fits with the idea of having goals/dreams, right? Plus, it's just adorable to see what she's into.

Anyway, here's her wish list:

1. a little brother Barbie
2. a Princess Pea doll (from a TV show called SuperWhy)
3. sparkly colorful lotions (we saw these at Ross once and she hasn't forgotten about them yet!)
4. a computer
5. new leapster 2 games (especially princess type games)
6. a baby doll that can drink milk out of a bottle
7. a newborn baby Barbie baby (does that even exist?)
8. a Signing Time video
9. a baby doll that can really hold her own pacifier in her mouth
10. The Little Mermaid II Movie

Seriously adorable.

I may not blog much this weekend because of the traveling we'll be doing, but stay tuned for a post featuring the most adorable flower girl you've ever seen when we get back!

What goals are you focusing on this year? Have you written them down? Do you post them where you can see them regularly? I used to have my 5 life goals written on the front flap of my calendar/planner, and I think I accomplished more that year than I ever had before. Maybe I'll try that trick again. I think there's something to reminding ourselves of our goals each day.

By the way, does any one else think this Barbie family looks a little creepy? Seriously, since when did Ken start looking like Billy Bob Thornton?


  1. Look, JUST because he's wearing a vile of Angelina's, I mean, Barbie's, blood around his neck doesn't mean he's a Billy Bob Thornton doll. I'm more traumatized that Mommy Barbie is wearing pedal pushers and seems to have had a frontal lobe lobotomy. I'm going to have nightmares about dolls tonight.

  2. Vial! But vile works on a different level. :-(

  3. Hey- I got the Little Mermaid Trilogy (YES there are 3 movies of her) on ebay for a GREAT deal..check it out.

    I think some Barbie's come with a baby...but not sure!

  4. Hah, vile works, too! And Amber, I may have to look into that! Her birthday is coming up so soon!