Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Organized

I'm on an organizational kick at work right now. I organized the resources on my shelves. I organized the files on my computer. I sorted my art supplies. I cleaned all the stray papers from my organizational notebook that holds all my session notes.

And the cool thing I noticed is, that when I organized my resources, I used them much more frequently. It was as if just organizing them, touching each one, reminded me why I had loved that resource in the first place, and planted a seed about how I might put it to good use with a particular client.

So, on that note, I've decided to share my favorite online resources here, in an effort to motivate myself to use them more. Here are some of my favorite links for various topics:

For students with autism:
The Gray Center - Social Stories - social stories info and ideas, a great newsletter you can sign up for
Boardmaker Share - I just found out about this last week from my friend Ruth, and oh my goodness, it's very exciting, and I've used it every day since.
Cathy Binger - my brilliant AAC professor from back in the day is now a big wig who shares wonderful ideas and resources for download
Ladders - Autism support and research - Margaret Bauman is my hero, very smart and passionate lady
Autism Games - really good ideas of simple to more complex games to teach a huge variety of skills

For bilingual students (Spanish/English):
Bilingual Therapies
The Bilingual Early Language Assessment (BELA)
Mama Lisa's World - Spanish Songs & Translated English Songs

For reading/writing:
Reading Rockets
Assessment of Children's Narratives - an article by really great researchers
Handwriting Worksheet Maker
Kathy Ganske - all of Ganske's books are great, but I especially use "Word Journeys" most often

For general teaching strategies:
Super Simple Songs
Whole Brain Teaching/Power Teaching and A Video of Power Teaching/Whole Brain Teaching
Storytime Songs - simple kids' songs with guitar chords
Thinking Maps

If I had more time, I'd describe each link, but let me just tell you that I use all of these links pretty much weekly for either my clients or my daughter. I'd love to hear what resources inspire you in your field!

How does getting organized affect your happiness and productivity level?

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