Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anticipate Fun

One thing I've found that really makes me happy is just the anticipation of a fun event. I think that anticipating fun brings a great deal of happiness, which is why engagements and pregnancies are such wonderful times in peoples' lives. Anticipating fun is, well, fun!

Which is why I think I so enjoy decorating for Halloween. The preparation and planning I do for Halloween makes the whole month of October a fun time.

Last year, we painted little pumpkins, painted a witch ornament to hang from a shelf, hung pretend spider webs up on the porch, made homemade spiders to put in the web, and carved a jack-o-lantern.

This year, so far, we've bought a pumpkin.

Hmmm...I think I'm a little bit behind in starting my "anticipation" of the fun!

What fun memory do you have from Halloween or Fall Festivals when you were a kid? And what fun time are you anticipating right now?

By the way, this pic is Flanna dressed as a cat on her second Halloween! Oh my goodness, isn't that adorable? I remember she kept meowing the whole night, and really stayed in character! And the week afterward, she kept asking for more whiskers painted on her face. So sweet!


  1. One of the funniest costumes I remember (its quite a reach for me to remember much these days) is you dressed as a TV set for Halloween. Not the easiest costume to trick or treat in....a box with tin foil taped to the front and your hair in pig tails sticking up for the antenna. Ha! One of the most fun times was when Jessica's girl scout troop (I was a leader) had the Halloween party that the whole town was invited to. We had made games up and gave out candy to the kids for prizes. Just a fun time. You girls enriched my life from the moment you were born. What a lucky life I have had to date!

  2. You've inspired Sandy. She would also like to be a cat for Halloween! :-)

  3. Hah, mom, I remember that! It was a fun costume, indeed! And Kelley, that would be one big cat! :)