Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What the Speechie Wore Wednesday

I'm trying to hold myself accountable for wearing more than just my basic black pants to work every day, and each Wednesday, I'm posting photos of my outfits from the week.  This week, I kept forgetting to photograph my outfits (things were crazy with the new dog!), but I captured a few! 

I forgot to get a photo on Wednesday, but here's a group shot from a coworker's baby shower that evening.  Fun!
me doing speech therapy--jean jacket over my dress for day time :)
Thursday - speech therapy and meetings;  purple dress, gray leggings, and gray ballet flats
scarf from Ann Taylor loft (a gift from my E.Coast BFF!)
Saturday - errands and cleaning; cotton pin-striped tunic and jeggings with my fave red shoes

my favorite red shoes

Tuesday- Speech therapy and meetings; tweed black/gray pants, a black shirt, and my favorite red shoes
 I think I could wear those red shoes every single day.  Especially since I'm at a different school each day of the week.  No one would know, right?  :)  They're super comfy.  I'm thinking about buying them in blue, too. 

What's your favorite pair of shoes?

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