Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Life in Pictures: Virtual Home Tour

front of our house (slightly decorated for Valentine's Day)
Last weekend, we had our house blessed for the New Year by our priest.  It's one of my favorite Orthodox traditions.  It was also a good reason for me to clean the house! 

So I thought while the house was (briefly!) spic and span, I'd take some photos so those of you on the other side of the country can get a sneak peek into our home!  (Those of you on this side of the country are welcome to see it in person any time at all!) 
corner view of our house, with the garage in the back left
living room, complete with cute kiddo
our neat wood-burning fireplace that we have yet to need to use here in sunny CA

ikea media storage solution behind the couch, with storage for Flanna's racetrack underneath.  :)
arched entryway into the dining room is to the left of the front door
dining room

tile, tile, everywhere, in our kitchen--at least it's spacious!

laundry room off the kitchen
access to the side & back yard off the laundry room
back yard, with detached garage
back yard

more back yard, with a few fruit trees
garage, with Flanna's art displayed on our "gallery" wall
hallway from the laundry room
Flannery's room
Bedroom set courtesy Aunt Kathy & Uncle Mark!  Giant pink horse courtesy Aunt Kelley!
storage solution from Ikea, shag rug from Target, Doll house from Santa :)
dog painting by Flannery, jewelry hanger from Target
master bedroom (I haven't finished hanging pictures or art in here yet, but oh, well).
I love that I can see Flanna playing in the back yard through the window--that's her in the hammock.
hallway with storage and Flanna's chore/behavior chart
our one bathroom, just one!  But we make it work. :)
painting by moi, and yes, we are still using clearance Halloween Kleenex :)
Low mirror for Flannery to use; antique fork jewelry hanger by my aunt Debi
my office/our guest room/sunroom
the "guest room" section of the office, with a twin trundle that converts into a king.  Quilt made by Robi's grandmother for our wedding gift almost 15 years ago!   (I need to get cute pillows for this bed!)  

And that's all, folks.  It's not much, but it's home, and just right for us right now.

What do you love about your home? 

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  1. Oh muh gosh, your house looks like stuff on Pinterest!