Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Appreciate an Accomplishment

Yesterday when I walked Flanna to school in the morning, I noticed that our tiles we painted are up on the side of the school now!  The school made a tile wall in honor of its 150th anniversary, and it looks great!

Here's Flanna beside the 4 tiles we painted.  They turned out pretty cute.  It's a tiger family representing our little family (her school mascot is a tiger). Flannery made the cats, and I made the tree and did some detail work on the tiles. 

It was nice to see something we had created displayed so nicely, and it's also neat to think that this tile wall will be there for generations to come.  Very cool.

It says, "Go Tigers!" in the banner on the tree.  It's also a willow tree in honor of her school name, Willow Glen.

What have you accomplished or done that you need to step back and appreciate? 

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