Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We've Been a Little Busy!

Because...I found a stray dog on Friday (Valentine's day) and brought it home. 

Watching "Lab Rats" :)
I know, I am crazy.  But the poor thing was in the street when I went to lunch, and was still there at the end of my work day, and so I just had to stop and get him out of the street.  The funny thing was, all I had with me to coax him closer was a bag of cashews and a blue sour straw candy from a baby shower I had been to a few days before.  But the candy worked, thank goodness.  :)

And the little guy was really sweet and gentle. Covered in motor oil and a thick layer of dirt, but still sweet.  When I got home and gave him a bath, our tub literally had a ring of black grime in it afterward.  Poor baby. 

coming home from the vet
I took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped (he wasn't) and posted a "found dog" ad on Craigslist just in case he has a loving family out there.   We're trying not to get too attached in case someone is searching for him, in which case we would of course return him to his home. 

But if no one claims him, we are thinking we will adopt him ourselves.  He is already fitting in pretty well.  The vet thinks he is 1 1/2 years old.  He's almost 12 pounds and is probably a rat terrier and cattle dog mix.  Flannery is in love and keeps saying he is the "sweetest dog she's ever met." 

The vet says after 2 weeks, if no one has claimed him, we can go ahead and declare him as ours.  So, we'll see!  Today is our first day back to work and real life since he has come to our home, so wish us good luck!  I am praying he is as calm when we are not home as he is when we are home. 

Have you ever rescued a pet?

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