Thursday, February 13, 2014

Look for Beauty

a tree in my coworker's neighborhood, so bright!
This past week, it has begun to feel like spring here in San Jose.  There are trees and flowers blooming everywhere, and surprises of color around every corner.   I find that taking photos of beautiful things when I notice them really helps me pay better attention to the world and notice beauty around me.

What I look for, I find.

When I look for beautiful things as I go throughout my day, I find them.  

I think this applies to many other areas of life, too.  When I look for funny things my clients say, I find them.  When I look for kind things my coworkers do, I find them.  When I look for ways my daughter is helpful, I find them.  

So, go out and look for beauty this week.  I bet you will find it.

on our walking trail

blooms in our neighborhood

our neighbors' orange trees

beauty on a gray day -  a Sweet Gum tree down the street

beautiful bark on a tree trunk

What do you look for and try to notice as you go throughout your day?  My mom and sister often send me photos of sunsets and sunrises, and I love how they take the time to notice the sky.  

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