Thursday, March 24, 2011


is a milestone.  

Flanna read her first whole book today.  It was called "Sam and Dog," and is a little Random House ("Step into Reading" Phonics First Steps) book from a set my mom found that starts with simple consonant-vowel-consonant words with short vowels that are pretty easily decodable.  Flanna was so proud of herself, and had a right to be!  Up until now, she had just read little words here and there in her princess books when we were reading with her.  So this was a pretty big deal. 

As I trimmed the video, all I could think was that she seems so grown up already.  Where does the time go?

When did you learn to read, or does anyone in your family remember?  I think my parents said I started to read at 3 because my sister taught me.  Big sisters are nice like that.   


  1. Very cute! Where does the time go? I ask myself that all the time. I learned to read before first grade, by the way. We didn't have kindergarten, and I distinctly remember reading Green Eggs and Ham to my first grade class (it was first published in 1960, and I was in first grade in 1962--so it was a new thing to all the kids) Girls rule with reading!

  2. SO AWESOME! I am going to show this to Nixon and see if it will ignite a fire in his phonetic engine. You know how men thrive on competition.

    My favorite part is "puh" "at", PAT!

  3. Oh TJ! She's so sweet :)
    Listening to her was adorable, but listening to you gave me chills. It took me all the way back to listening to you talk to Wright all those years.....

    Talk about time flying!!!

  4. Oh, Ruth, I can just picture you reading Green Eggs and Ham to your first grade class--how cute! And Heather, we need to show Flanna some videos of Nixon throwing, catching, and kicking a ball to ignite a fire in her athletic engine, too! My favorite part is her little smile at the end of each sentence. :)

  5. Aww, Nikki, I was just remembering taking a walk with him yesterday. I was walking Flanna home from school and remembered the walks from Rachel's house to see the chickens, and the beginning of clear true words. I will always treasure all the time I got to spend with him. Hah, now I'm getting misty eyed. :)

  6. I think I started when I was 4, others read to me, but didn't formally sit down to 'teach' me to read.

  7. Jessica was an amazingly nurturing big sister. She taught you many things, with tenderness and love for one so young herself.