Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crafty Ideas: Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Or, in this case, have your daughter make wrapping paper for you.

I love using Flannery's paintings as wrapping paper.  As long as she agrees, mind you.  I remember one time, I didn't ask her beforehand, just assumed she'd like it that I wrapped one of her great grandmothers' gifts in something she made, and poor thing, she got really upset because she had wanted to keep that particular painting.  So we had to carefully unwrap the gift and use a good old gift bag.  Luckily, for this gift, Flannery was happy for a "baby" to receive her painting.

This gift was for a baby shower for coworker of mine (that's my little speech room in the background).  I even made the bow from paper scraps.  Recycling can be so pretty!

What have you recycled or re-used lately?

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  1. I recycle EVERYTHING (almost) to the point of being annoying....oh well!