Monday, March 7, 2011

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers

Distant relatives on my mom's side, also
sapped of energy.  And none too happy about it.  
Mondays are never my most creative days.  But, seriously?  This monday?  Has drained me of all creativity.

It's my own fault, really.   You see, I stayed up insanely late last night filling out online job applications.  For very exciting jobs that I'm crossing my fingers I'll hear back from!  But, still, not my smartest move.

Then, I decided to see a private client on my way home from school today, on an evening when I already have a two hour Spanish class at Duke.  The day after I stayed up insanely late, mind you.

At least my hubby had crock pot carnitas ready when I got home.  (Yum!) And we took a sweet break from the hustle and bustle to take a walk together to pick up Flanna from her preschool.  Which was rejuvenating.

But back to my original point.  You know, about Mondays, and how I've been sapped of all creativity.

Um, I've been sapped of all creativity.

Soooo, today I'm putting the ball in your court.  Ask me anything.  Inspire me with your curiosity.  Stump me with your brilliance.

Just don't ask to see a photo of me from my middle school "perm + braces + knobby knees" era.  Cause that would definitely not be inspiring.

What are you curious about?  Ask me whatever;  I'll do my best to answer. 


  1. Ok, Question: What's the exciting job???

  2. How do you always have the best attitude when I am always a whiney pot? I want to know what your mom and dad said or did to cultivate this in you. I need to parent myself.

  3. Thanks so much for asking questions, Kelley & Heather! I'll put them on the list of things to answer in next week's "I've got Answers" post. Stay tuned!

  4. Wooda,
    This is TJ's mom. We give her all the credit for being so positive about her life! She was born pleasant and optimistic.

  5. Okay....I have a question...and it's one of my favorites to ask. What is your absolute favorite meal hands down. the things don't have to go together like a perfect meal, but your favorite things all on one plate as if it was your last meal everrrr. :)