Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cool Stuff You Should Really Read

Waiting for sproutlets. 
We planted some seeds last weekend, and now they're beginning to sprout!  It's very exciting!  I can't wait for spring and the chance to have a little planter garden.  In this photo, it looks like I'm growing a Cabbage Patch Flanna!

There are so many neat things I've read recently that I decided to do a reading list post today.  Check out these interesting tidbits:
1.  Gretchen Rubin's tips for being happier during hard times - I'm always interested in how folks try to get happy or at least happiER amidst a struggle.
2.  A List of Goals Parents of Kiddos with Autism Should Conquer First at Autism Games  - I so enjoy this blog and am inspired by it every time I visit.
3.  Proof that my BFF is super smart and knew Colin Firth was Oscar-worthy way back when  - I finally saw the King's Speech, and have to say it was amazing.
4.  Trailers for the Brain Injury Dialogues - a documentary airing on PBS now that looks SO good!
5.  How to give up a sensible job and work the job that inspires you by Trent at the Simple Dollar  - The Simple Dollar is one of my favorite personal finance blogs, and keeps me focused on my financial goals.  Plus, I can always use encouragement to be thriftier and more purposeful in limiting my consumption.

What have you read lately that inspires you?  And have you seen the King's Speech yet?

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