Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Be The Memory Keeper

My family probably gets tired of me taking pictures everywhere we go.  But sometimes, the light is so perfect, the moment is so sweet, the colors so vivid, that I just have to snap a photo.  These photos were taken with my iPhone, so they're not the most amazing quality, but still, I just love them.   We were having lunch after church with Flanna's cute friend Lucy.  It was just an ordinary day, but I think sometimes those are the best to document, the photos that will bring back the strongest memories just out of their everyday ordinary-ness.

I'm the memory keeper of the family.  I'm writing down the stories, noting the little quotes, snapping the photos of shared laughs, and hoping one day these little mementos will bring a smile to us, remind us of the lovely start of our little family, and will help Flannery see that she's been treasured at every step of the way.

Lucy and I are the squinty eyed girls here!

Flanna laughing with her Daddy-O

What photo of your childhood do you love best?

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