Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Picnic

 We had a picnic with some wonderful friends on Saturday.  The girls climbed trees and made mud stew while the adults sat in the sun and chatted.  (OK, the moms sat in the sun and chatted.  The dads played with the kiddos quite a bit!)  It was a gorgeous day, and a real treat to get to enjoy some outside time as spring approaches.

My hubby is just the sweetest and best dad around.  It brought tears to my eyes watching him play soccer with Flanna.  Such a gentle and kind soul--she just adores him.  Plus, isn't he cute?

Remember to wear green on Thursday!!


  1. Ah, that's just a very sweet post!

  2. Could she be a daddy's girl? I'd love to have some copies of the pictures. They are so precious. What wonderful parents Flannery has. You guys make a lot of beautiful memories.