Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spending the Night! and News!

It seems like forever since I last posted!  Sorry to be on an unannounced hiatus last week!  I got super busy with work, Spanish class, and trying to cook/clean/have it all.  :)  So, I'm going to try to catch you up on our happenings in one fell swoop.  You may need to take notes...we've been busy!

Flanna spent the night with her sweet friend Lucy last week.  She was soooo excited to go!  She kept saying, "I'm going to Lucyyyyyy's!"  She got all dolled up in her brand new hair bows from her Grammie, her bracelet from her Grandma, and a dress with a ruffle down the front.

She did great on her first sleepover that wasn't with family!  When we picked her up the next day, she was thrilled to report how she got to sleep on the top bunk of Lucy's bunk bed, and how she had sooo much fun!

And Robi and I had an evening out on the town!  We took a nice walk, then went to dinner and a movie, and it was so refreshing to have time alone to talk and relax.  This must be what life is like when you live close to family and they can steal your child for the weekend.  I sort of remember what that's like.

Speaking of which,  I have news!!!

My hubby has a new job!  Down south!  Near our family!

We'd been hoping for him to find something here in the Durham area so I could keep this dream job I have right now.  (Seriously, I currently have the best job I'll probably ever have in my whole life.)  But, alas, that was not to be.

The job he found is pretty great, though!  At a fancy schmancy school and teaching super interesting classes.

And did I mention it's near family?  Cause that's pretty huge.

We're very excited!

Where would you choose to live, if you could live anywhere at all?


  1. Oh yay!! That is great news!! :) when are you guys going to move?? (I'm secretly selfish that NC will lose you guys, but I know it'll make you SO happy!!!)

  2. Laura, His job's at Emory, so somewhere in that area. Lisa, We'll probably move in June or July. I'm thrilled to be living near family again!! But I'll miss all my triangle friends! You MUST keep in touch!

  3. You will be cloe to me!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!

  4. Send me a msg on facebook with details!!! I live in Loganville! We love it- only 25 mins to Emory University!

  5. Would you please print a copy of the top picture on this post for me? I love it. I am so happy for all of you and your sister and niece. One good year....for all!
    If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be near my children and their families. I miss everyone. I miss so much.
    But I do so love my little house where the tries of man do not have power over the tides of nature. I do love the emerald sea, the sugary sand, sunsets of change, the voices I hear from the sounds of sea where those I love who have left me here remind me they are still alive and changing. I love to watch the garden grow.
    But mostly, I would love to live where the grand daughters grow!

  6. sure will, mom! I really wish you and dad could live near us next year, too! Even to just have a year of being close by would be great! But we'll be able to visit more now that we're in Atlanta, flights will be cheaper there and not so long as from RDU. Love u!