Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keep Old Traditions Alive

One thing I've discovered about myself during my happiness project is that carrying on family traditions brings me happiness.  One funny (if not strange?) little family tradition we have with Flanna is that, whenever we see a tree stump, we go stand on it, raise our hands high, pretend that we are a tree, and sing "Oh Christmas Tree" to the person standing on the stump.  This strange tradition started when Flannery was only about 2 years old.  Each year, our neighbor back in Athens would place a live Christmas tree on a stump in front of his house, complete with lights.  Each day as we would go on our walk, we would stop at the Christmas tree and sing, "Oh Christmas Tree."  But then, one day in January, the Christmas tree was gone.  Our neighbor had, of course, taken it down.  Flannery, always a lover of "sameness" and routine, insisted that she could be the tree and climbed up on the stump, stretched her arms tall, and sang the song.  In that moment, our odd family tradition was born.  
And now, we just can't pass a stump without being quirky and odd and singing Christmas Carols in February.  
Here's Flanna finding stump stages at the park down the street. 

by a cool mural

What weird family traditions do you enjoy?

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