Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Funny Flanna Quotes

We were looking at the map of the US, and I mentioned that our family was in lots of different states.  Then Flanna held out her arms to hug me and said, "This part of your family is here!"

Snuggling before bed:  "When you have a baby in your belly one day, I think we should name her Lee Flannery Ragan."

Laughing at a joke, with a hoarse voice:  "This is my croup laugh!"

Talking about how in heaven everyone gets a mansion:
"I want a princess castle instead."

We were playing Barbies, and Flanna pretended that her Barbie's baby slept through a Christmas party, then leaned over to me as if sharing secret wisdom, and whispered,  "Babies are really boring."   

Also playing Barbies:  "Belle is going to adopt Rapunzel's baby. That's how she's gonna be a mom."

"If you put your contacts on AND your glasses, you could see really good."

Having a tea party:  "I putted a lot of sugar in my tea, and now it's just sugar."

Finding the silver lining in her illness:  "Popsicles are good for breakfast when you're sick."

After making homemade lemonade with her dad:  "Try this lemonade.  It makes your cheeks feel fluffy."

What made you laugh today?

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  1. Um, can I just say she is the funniest little girl ever!! How cute are these quotes?? I love when you post funny flanna quotes....so priceless!