Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funny Flanna Quotes

Flanna:  Ouch!  I stubbed my thumb toe.
Me:  Actually, that's just called your "big" toe, not your "thumb" toe.
Flanna:  Well, I call it my thumb toe.

Driving in the car:  "What's a boy princess called again?"

Watching soccer with her dad, a Proactiv commercial came on.  I walked into the room, and Flanna said, "Did you know if you buy that stuff, it'll make red dots on your face go away?"  (Even 4 year olds aren't immune to TV marketing!)

Washing off paint from her hands:  "Sometimes, I color brown marker on my skin, and pretend I grew a new freckle."

Whose sense of humor do you enjoy regularly?  I'm lucky to get to live with two hilarious folks.  They really help me lighten up.  

On an unrelated but delicious note:  My gluten-free vegan friends preparing for Lent will be thrilled to try out this recipe I just rediscovered today, for Yummy vegan blueberry crunch cake (no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no egg, can you believe it?).

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