Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painting Wooden Birds

I recently went a little overboard during a trip to Michael's.  I'm not usually a huge shopper, but craft supplies are my weakness.  A few weekends ago, I walked into a Michael's looking for pipe cleaners and beads, and I came out with these adorable carved birds that I just fell in love with.                                                      Flanna and I finally got around to painting them, and now they're sitting in my kitchen windowsill--one red, one blue, and one rainbow bird.  They really brighten my day.  Now I just need to seal them so they don't fade and then suspend them from the ceiling on some fishing line so they don't look like clutter, and instead look like they belong in my kitchen window.  

What small item in your home brings you a bit of joy every time you see it?

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