Friday, August 31, 2012

Anticipate Fun

Bookzilla for President
Today at bedtime, Flanna and I were a little bit giddy talking about all the excitement we are anticipating lately!  Here are just a few of the things we're anticipating:

1.  the Decatur Book Festival this weekend!  - I can't tell you how excited Flannery and I are to go meet authors, hear them read their stories, get our books autographed, and just generally celebrate some amazing children's literature this weekend.  I also can't wait for the used book sale hosted by the Decatur Education Foundation--they usually have some wonderful books for great prices!

2.  my trip to California in October!   - I just confirmed my flights for a training I'm going to in San Francisco in October, and I'm really excited about the trip!  First of all because I'm going to learn some strategies I've been dying to learn and become certified in for the past 12 years!  And second of all because I get to go with my wonderful friend and colleague Cori!  And best of all because my West Coast BFF Kelley is going to meet up with me on my last day there, and we get some real live face to face friend time, yay!

my talented friend from elementary school took this photo
3.  the birth of baby Abe! - Every night, Flannery finds a way to work the upcoming birth of her cousin-to-be, Abe, into the conversation!  Robi's brother Chris and his wife Anne are expecting baby Abe in early December, and today, Flanna told me that she wasn't even as excited about her own birthday as she was about Abe's, because it was his first birthday ever, and she's already had a few of her own.  Isn't that so sweet?  She can't wait to hold him and to have a baby cousin on her dad's side of the family!

4.  biking and camping - We have these nebulous plans to fix up Flanna's bike and get me a working bike so that we can ride around with Robi as a family of bikers.  We also are throwing around the idea of going camping in Sept. or October, and Flanna likes to plan all the events of our camping trip by acting them out with her Barbies, who just happen to have a pretty rockin' tent.

5.  our Fall Break! - We decided to go to Florida for a few days of Flanna's Fall Break.  We hope it will be peaceful and beautiful in mid-September!   And we know it will be lovely to see my parents!!

It's funny, but for me, anticipating fun is almost fun as actually enjoying the fun!  Hopefully we won't build up any of those events to be grander than they will be in real life, but planning for them and looking forward to them definitely makes me happy!

What about you?  What events are you anticipating that bring you joy before they even come to fruition? 


  1. We will be so glad to have you visit. Cannot wait to see you all!