Friday, August 3, 2012

Be Silly; Have Fun; Buy Pretend Glasses

pretend glasses are the best
The other weekend, I took Flanna along for my eye doctor appointment, and she begged me for some "glasses."  But since her vision is perfect, I thought she'd have to pine away for a few more years for them.  Until the receptionist told me that my vision benefits covered a free pair of frames in addition to my contacts.  So, I let Flanna choose a free pair of frames, since I didn't need them.  She was in heaven.  She picked out this really cute pair, with their clear little lenses in them.  After the appointment, we went out for sushi, and she wore her "glasses", and kept telling me to "pretend they're real" in a hushed voice over her edamame.

The best thing is how grown up she seemed with them on.  It was like having sushi with a sixth grader.  Her mannerisms got all big-kiddish suddenly, and I got a glimpse of her as a pre-teen.  A very interesting and adorable and creative and just generally neat-o preteen.

Boy, I've got to get some cooler adjectives before she really hits the preteen stage.  I doubt neat-o will fly by then.

Do you have a love or hate relationship with your glasses?  I usually love my glasses, but in the summer, I hate them sliding down my nose when I sweat.  I know, you are dying to know more about this problem, right?  

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