Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be Grateful

Flanna at the Back to School Bash at my work
I work at the best place possibly imaginable.  I really do.

I love my job, my coworkers, the teachers I coach, the work we are doing, the philosophy behind what we do, the fun material I get to teach, the sweet babies I get to see grow and learn, the wonderfully flexible schedule, the amazing partners we have in our work, the bosses I have that are committed to a beautiful goal, the way family is valued and respected at my work...really, I could probably go on forever.

So even though I was tired and didn't really feel like heading out to a back to school bash on Sunday night last week at work, it only took me about 3 seconds after arriving to be so glad we made it there.  It was so wonderful to see children who love their school, parents who trust their children's teachers, coworkers who enjoy one another, CEOs who make it a point to speak to every child at the party...again, I could go on and on.

And it just reminded me how lucky I am.  I'm grateful for such an amazing job.  I'm grateful to my parents and sister who instilled in me a "college-going" culture to get there, to a husband who has always supported me in going for my dreams, to mentors who guided me in my career, to a daughter who loves to come with me to work every now and then to"help the babies learn to talk."  I'm grateful for so much.  And some days, I just have to pinch myself that this sweet little life (this wonderful family, PLUS an amazing career, plus wonderful friends!) is mine.

And the best part is, that just feeling grateful can give us a happiness boost!  Did you know that?  So my cheesiness pays off sometimes, hah.  :)

Flannery at the pony ride at my work

note her rainbow face painting, done by a coworker's daughter!

For what are you grateful today?

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