Friday, August 3, 2012

Create Something

Sweet cousins showing off their hard work!
Whenever Flannery has a moment to herself, she is always creating something.  Necklaces, sculptures, little books, cute outfits, drawings, paintings, block structures--it doesn't really matter what the medium--she just loves to create.  

My sister signed the girls up for an art class last weekend, and they really enjoyed it.  It was a class taught by an art instructor, and everyone in the class was to paint the same general painting.  It was neat to see how some of the kiddos were so careful and cautious with their brushstrokes, and others just painted with bold strokes and brushes thick with paint.  Can you guess which one Flanna was?  Hah, she was impatient to just create the darn thing, and would go through seven steps at a time as the instructor was telling them the first step.   Flannery was also vehemently opposed to painting just the tail end of the dog's body, and insisted that her dog would show his face.  I loved that the instructor didn't force conformity and let Flanna have the freedom to be creative if she wanted to.

In the end, I think everyone was pretty proud of their little masterpieces!

My niece was careful and diligent in her painting--such attention to detail!

Flannery with her (signed!) artwork. 

What did you love to create as a child?  I used to love to write and illustrate my own books, always starring girls named Lori and Megan, which I thought were the coolest names ever back then.  

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