Thursday, August 30, 2012

Funny Flanna Quotes

Today, Flanna's school had curriculum night, to teach us parents what our kids are up to all day while they're at school.  I have to say, kindergarten is busy and much more academic now than when I was a kindergartener!  My most memorable kindergarten experiences were building with those giant wooden blocks, acting out Goldilocks and the 3 bears with my classmates, and not napping during nap time on my blue Hello Kitty towel.  In Flanna's class, there is no nap time, blocks are only available on "Free Play Friday" mornings, and I think many of the children are already reading Goldilocks independently! It's a different world!

But annnnyway...the point of my story was that at curriculum night, I saw this adorable drawing that Flanna created about her "goals and dreams" for her kindergarten year.  Some of the students' goals and dreams were:  to learn to be a better reader, to be better at math, to learn art, etc.  Flannery's was:  "I hope to be a better hoola-hooper."

Now that, my friends, is a happiness goal.  What if we all vowed to become better hoola-hoopers this year?  Worldwide happiness might ensue!

Here are a few other funny quotes I heard this week:

Walking into her ballet class:
Flanna:   (dances up the stairway)
Me:  "Be careful on the stairs, you'll have plenty of time to dance like that in ballet class."
Flanna:  "Well, actually, mom, ballet class isn't that much time."
Me:  "It's 45 minutes, that's pretty long."
Flanna:  "Well, time flies when I'm doing ballet; it really does."

Driving down the road beside a convertible:
"When your hair is blowing all around in a convertible, it makes you look just like a movie star."

Getting into the car from after-school:
Me:  "Flannery, are you ready to get buckled?"
Flanna:  "I'm ready for anything!"

What made you laugh this week?

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