Saturday, September 1, 2012

Connect to Your Neighborhood

Today was the long-awaited Decatur Book Festival!  We got up early, had breakfast with some new friends from our neighborhood, and then wandered around Decatur for several hours to see all there was to see.

We heard several children's authors read their books at the Children's Stage, and I have to say that I was again blown away by Mac Barnett, who is just so funny and engaging.  (We'd seen him last spring when he visited Flanna's preK to read "Chloe & the Lion".)  His book, "Guess Again!" was new to me today, and so great.  I'm also excited to read his chapter books once Flannery is ready for those!

Flanna enjoyed Patrick McDonell, too, who wrote "The Monsters' Monster," as well as a cute children's book about Jane Goodall called "Me, Jane."  (He also writes a daily cartoon called "Mutts."  McDonell had visited Flanna's school yesterday and read The Monsters' Monster to her grade, and so we just had to get our own copy of the book and have the him sign it today.

Patrick McDonnell 

Flanna got a word search book from one of the used book sales, and
here she is searching away while we cooled off at Starbucks for a bit!
Karma Wilson reading her books - we love "The Bear Snores On"!
We also got some wonderful ideas for books to put on our list to check out from the library!  The Lunch Lady series (graphic novels about a secret spy lunch lady!) by Jarrett Krosoczka are definitely on our list, as are "Olivia & the Fairy Princesses" by Ian Falconer, "Bear Says Thanks" by Karma Wilson, and "the Gift of Nothing" by Patrick McDonnell.  Such fun!

We've only lived here in Decatur for about a year now, but we are slowly feeling more and more connected to our town and neighborhood.   As a speech-language pathologist and literacy coach, I have to say that I am really excited to live in a community so excited about literature and with such a culture of reading for fun.  I feel like we have found a nice niche here in this little corner of Atlanta, and can't wait to become more and more connected to this wonderful community!

What do you love about your neighborhood/community?

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