Sunday, September 16, 2012

Experience Nature: Hermit Crabs Galore!

Oh, my, how we experienced nature on our beach trip!

This time at the beach, perhaps because of hurricane Isaac, there was a fantastic sandbar that created a calm place for us to swim most days.  And in this little calm place before the sandbar, we found dozens of tiny little hermit crabs burrowing into the side of the sandbar.  We collected a good many in our bucket to study them, and they were fascinating!  A little rowdy and rude to one another, actually!   I'm hoping my video uploading skills will work and you can see how neat they were!

We also befriended a fluffy seagull who watched over us each day, saved a few butterflies whose wings had gotten wet, marveled at the thousands of giant dragonflies by the sand dunes, saw a few pelicans close up, saw a stingray jump out of the water a few times (and rushed out of the ocean to be sure we were out of the way of whatever was chasing that ray!), and even got to see a few dolphins swimming off the shore one afternoon.

Then, once we got back to my parents' house to rinse off from the beach each day, we got to hang out with 3 frogs we found living near the outdoor shower.  I wish I had gotten some pics of those frogs--they weren't very afraid of us, so we got to watch them for a while outside (and even saw one try to eat an earthworm--yuck!).

It always makes us happy (my mom, Flanna, and me, too!) to experience nature, and it really did add to our fun at the beach to get to study all those neat creatures in their own habitats.

How have you experienced nature this week?  

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