Sunday, September 16, 2012

Provide Yourself with Margin

building the moat for our sandcastle at high tide
I just got back from a wonderful vacation.  It was just me, Flanna, and my mom, and we went to the beach for a few days for Flannery's fall break.  We had such a nice time!  

I think the best thing about our trip was that it was unhurried.  We didn't plan anything we "had" to do during the trip.  We just woke up, had a lazy breakfast on the screened porch, got ready for the beach, spent several hours on the beach, then packed up and headed back to the house whenever we were ready.  In the evenings, we made simple dinners, hung out a bit, and turned in to bed pretty early.  It's funny, it sounds boring as I write it up, but it was so nice to have such unhurried time, such a measure of margin to our days.  That's not typical of our everyday lives for sure!

But I think I'm going to work on that--adding more unhurried time, more margin, to our daily life.  I'll have to think about how to make that happen--maybe by getting up earlier in the morning myself so that I don't feel rushed, or maybe by planning my meals more often ahead of time so that I'm not scrambling for ingredients.  Any ideas for building in more margin to everyday life?  I'd love to hear!

Do you have much unhurried time in your routine?  If so, how do you keep it that way?    

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