Monday, September 3, 2012

Experience Nature

We're so lucky to get to experience nature every morning on the way to school.

This is the little yellow bridge we cross on our way to Flanna's school each day.  There's a tiny creek running under it.  There are also apple trees to watch each week, to see how the apples are growing, and flowers that are in various stages of blooming, and dogs and cats and squirrels to see along our way.  And there's a little koi pond at the back of the school beside where Robi parks his bike before we walk Flanna into the building. We have so much nature to see and experience--it's such a nice way to begin our day!

Usually, after we walk Flanna into school, Robi leaves from her school to bike into work.  I usually walk back home, then hop into the car to head to work!  It seems silly, and sometimes I wonder why I don't just drive her to school on my way into work!  But then, I'd miss the chatting during our walk, the meeting of all our neat neighbors, the trek across the bridge, all the beautiful natural things we get to see, and most especially the little bit of exercise!

And what's more, the one time last week when I did drive Flanna into school rather than walking her in (it was rainy, and I had an early meeting to get to), she got a note on her behavior chart that she had a bit of a hard time staying on task during their morning meeting.   So I think the morning walk and being "in nature" is good for her, as well!

Flanna by her school koi pond

What can you do to build "experiencing nature" into your daily routine?  

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  1. Good for you, taking time when and as you have it, to make each day meaningful and wild. That is what I love so much about this gulf. The beauty that sprays across the sky in any given moment, the fast pace of change, the rise and fall of tides that change the shape of the sands on a daily basis. It's so easy just to stay inside and ignore it but I choose to venture out and breath in the wild. That which we have no control over, that which changes us, not that we change. It's what connects us on a level I believe is like the very blood that flows through our bodies, or the air we do not see but at every moment fills us with life! We are, even today, organic by nature.