Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fernbank with Friends!

Flanna and Max are so sweet together!
Flanna and I met up with my friend Sara and her kiddos (Max and baby Malcolm--sooo cute!) at Fernbank a bit ago.  I meant to post the pics, and then work got crazy busy, but I just found them again and had to share them!

I love Sara so much!  And not just because I've known her forever (although it does make me happy to be with a friend who gets my Athens references!), and not just because she's hilarious (although she really really is), and not just because she lives close by and is always up for a last minute get together (although I really appreciate friends who are open to last minute fun!), but mostly because she is one of those amazing and wonderful moms who does everything perfectly but who doesn't make you feel guilty that you aren't as amazing or perfect as she is.  She's just so calm and nurturing and organized and sweet and self-deprecating all at once, that I can't help but love being around her.  

Anyway, here are some of the photos from our time together!   We were not impressed with the "Poop" exhibit at Fernbank, which I think could've been really cool, but there just weren't many hands-on activities to make it hold the kids' interest.  Too bad.  But we love Fernbank, anyway, especially the cool indoor nature playground area.  Totally worth the membership.

Flannery giving kisses to the baby alligators

What local friend are you amazingly thankful for?  

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